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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Is There Something Special About Bridges?

About a year ago, the media could not get enough news about "Bridgegate", the closure of a few lanes of traffic on the George Washington Bridge by a member of Chris Christie's staff in New Jersey.  There never was to this date any proof that Christie knew about the lane closures or had any involvement in ordering them, but every time I heard the news for weeks there was a story about Bridgegate.  MSNBC went to near 24 hour coverage of the story.  It almost got more airtime on MSNBC than the missing Malaysian plane did on CNN.  It was non-stop reporting on nothing.

This week, there has been all sorts of breaking news about what looks like Hillary Clinton doing favors for large foreign contributors to the Clinton Foundation or to her and her husband personally.  First it was a Ukrainian company that clearly seems to have violated American sanctions against Iran that was never punished by the State Department (in charge of enforcement) after it gave millions to the Clinton Foundation.  Then it was GE which also gave the foundation millions just at the time that Hillary was pushing Algeria to pick GE for a major contract in that nation.  Then it was the sale of half of America's uranium mining capacity to the Russian government which Hillary approved despite the clear national security implications after the Clintons met in secret with the buyers and also got both large contributions to the foundation and enormous speaking fees for a speech by Bill.  There's also clear evidence that Hillary did not have the foundation report to the White House or to the public all of these dealing by foreign entities with the foundation despite her prior agreement with the president to do so.  Finally, there is the statement from the foundation that they are going to amend five years of tax returns to correct "errors" in which they failed to report contributions from foreign sources.  (Interesting that these errors all go the same way--contributions that just never got reported.)  There's more, but these certainly provide the story.

So with all these pieces of news about what is clearly a scandal involving Hillary Clinton, how much coverage is being given to this story by the radio and tv media?  The answer is that, aside from Fox News, there is almost no coverage.  With big stories breaking today, the CBS national news on the radio did not mention any of this.  They had time to talk about all manner of nonsense, but not about Hillary.  I wonder if the story will make it to ABC, CBS, NBC or PBS tonight on their news shows. 


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