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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Nature of the News

When the Fox News Special Report program began tonight, the lead story was the Pacific trade agreement and the debate underway in Congress about granting president Obama "fast track" authority for that negotiation.  Fast track authority limits the vote on approval of the treaty to just a yes/no choice on the entire agreement; unlike with a normal treaty, there can be no amendments offered by the Senate.  The Fox News report focused on the divisions among the Democrats and the refusal of Hillary Clinton to take a position thus far despite her having supported the trade treaty in the past.  Obama is pushing for the fast track authority, but the main opponents are left wing Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Because the story was extremely interesting and important, I decided to see how the mainstream media covered it.  I recorded the network news for ABC, CBS and NBC.  None of them even mentioned the story.  I saw long stories about a plane that landed in Buffalo instead of Hartford because it was feared that there might be a leak in the cabin.  I saw an even longer story about a child who is a transsexual.  There were videos of the Boston Marathon bomber in his cell.  But there was nothing about the trade bill.

There was also nothing on the mainstream network news about the Iranian ships carrying weapons to Yemen while the America fleet was right there to stop the delivery.  Fox News covered that story, but no one else did.

It's no wonder that many Americans have no idea what is actually going on in the world.  There are still millions of people who get their news each day from the network news shows.  The number keeps declining, but it is still millions.

It's disgusting that the mainstream media have news shows that only cover part of the news.


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