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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Weak Plan: Shaming People With Lies

According to The Hill, Ultra Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer is planning to "shame" the Republican candidates in 2016 for their skepticism regarding global warming. and their supposed ties to the Koch brothers.

Think about that for a moment.  Let's start with the Koch brothers.  The Kochs, like Steyer, are billionaires.  The Kochs, like Steyer, make large contributions to the party of their choice and to candidates who support views similar to their own.  So, Steyer and the Democrats are going to shame Republicans for doing just what the Democrats do, namely taking contributions from super rich individuals with strong views.  Remember, the single biggest contributor to political campaigns in 2014 was not the Kochs, but rather it was Tom Steyer.  Why is there shame if Republicans accept money from wealthy individuals but no shame if Democrats do the same thing?  It is a silly argument for Steyer of all people to criticize rich people making contributions.

Then there's the supposed "shame" which arises from climate skepticism.  What a crock!  Global warming alarmism has been based for the last three decades on computer models that show that Earth will warm rapidly due to increasing carbon dioxide.  It has already been shown that much of the data on which the models are based was "adjusted" by some climate "scientists" to make the data conform to the theory.  That is important, but nowhere near as important as the temperature data of the last two decades.  Because of the fear of global warming, a planet-wide system of satellites were launched with the capability of taking precise temperature readings of Earth's atmosphere.  Those satellites have shown that over the last 18 years, there has been no warming of the atmosphere around the globe.  These readings are so different from the ones predicted by the computer models used by the global warming alarmists, that they scientifically disprove the validity of the models.  To be clear, the actual and precise data shows that the computer models are WRONG.  Any scientist presented with this data would necessarily have to be skeptical about global warming theory.  Steyer wants to shame Republicans for following the actual science rather than the dogma of "accepted" consensus.  It's like those who believe the Earth is flat trying to shame those who accept the proof that the Earth is a sphere.  In other words, it's the closed minded dogmatists trying to shame those who actually follow the science and the data.

Hopefully, Steyer will actually spend his hundred million dollars on this effort.  He will be talking to an American people who have come to understand just how flawed and erroneous the claims of global warming alarmists really are.  This year, national polls says that global warming now ranks at the bottom of voters' concerns.  If Steyer wants to throw his money away on the wrong side of an issue that few care about, that is his right.  It is still a rather weak plan if you ask me.



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