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Friday, April 10, 2015

The Democrat Version of George Pataki

It's worth noting that Rhode Islander Lincoln Chaffee has formed an exploratory committee for the race for president in 2016.  It's actually pretty funny.  The closest Chaffee can get to being president is that his first name is Lincoln.  Sure, he was both governor of Rhode Island and a senator from that state (although when he was senator he was a Republican).  That does not make him a potential presidential candidate, however.  In many ways, Chaffee reminds me of Republican George Pataki who also is examining whether or not to run for president.  Pataki was a long time governor of New York, a state with much more clout than Rhode Island.  Still, the idea that George Pataki is seriously considering a run for the presidency is the rough equivalent of Hillary Clinton entering the Miss America pageant.

I have to wonder why these washed up politicians feel it necessary to throw their names in the ring when all they do is embarrass themselves.  Can they really not recognize reality?

Chaffee's big point so far is that Hillary cannot be the nominee for the Democrats because she supported the war in Iraq in 2002.  That's right, her vote thirteen years ago in the senate means that the nation cannot trust her (or so says Lincoln).  I have to say that I really don't like Hillary, but even I think that Chaffee's argument is lame at best.


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