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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Most Despicable Move Imaginable

Today brought news of a new low in the conduct of president Obama and his administration.  Obama and his people are denying benefits to the survivors of the Fort Hood massacre.  You remember that attack.  Nidal Hassan shouted "Allahu Akhbar" and then opened fire on unarmed soldiers at the base.  Thirteen were killed and many others were wounded.  Because it did not fit Obama's political needs to show that terrorism was in retreat, the incident was characterized as workplace violence and none of the injured got purple hearts and all the benefits for those wounded in combat that go with that medal.  It was a disgusting move by Obama to put his own political position ahead of the needs of the victims of a vicious terrorist attack.

After two years of denial by Obama and his people, Congress finally stepped in and forced the reclassification of the attack as terrorism, and Congress directed that those who were wounded get the purple heart medal.  Now, however, we learn that the Obama administration will only give the medals out but won't give the benefits that go with that medal.

Understand what this means.  There are men who were shot by the terrorist and who are now disabled who are being denied benefits given to any other person wounded in the service.  We are speaking about just a few men; the cost is tiny.  There is no reason to deny these men benefits other than spite by Obama because Congress overruled him on this attack.  Obama is punishing wounded victims of a terrorist because he is personally unhappy that Congress would challenge him.

This is the single most despicable thing I have ever seen a president do.  How can he put his personal emotions above this country providing for wounded veterans?

Obama really has to go!


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