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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Another Day, Another Phony Event

How dumb is this?  Hillary Clinton held her second Iowa event today; it was a conversation with some students who happened to be at a coffee house.  It was part of Hillary's getting to hear the real concerns of the common Iowan.  The truth, however, is that the three students with whom Hillary spent most of the time were selected by the Clinton campaign, vetted in advance for over an hour and then driven to the event by Hillary's staff so that they would "happen to be there" when the candidate arrived.  Even the topics of discussion were approved in advance.  In other words, the whole thing was phony from start to finish.  Given that Hillary's goal is to help convince people of her authenticity, staging phony events would not seem like the way to go.

This mess comes on top of yesterday's event at a community college where other "students" asked questions that had been submitted in advance.  At that appearance, Hillary read from note cards where her answers to the "spontaneous" questions were written.

We've known since 2008 that Hillary is not a very good campaigner.  But this stuff is terrible, really terrible.

1 comment:

fastcarken said...

If you thought Obama was full of DUNG, watch this orchestrated trumped up propaganda that she is and will continue to manufacture! YES MANUFACTURE.
The problem will be the mass of Liberal Media selling the same CRAP. With an anticipated campaign chest of $2 BILLION
This will be the greatest perpetration of Clintoness BS the World will ever see. The voters swayed by Bull Shit will be enormous, if you think Obama played the race card BIG TIME, Wait and see how this Bimbo plays the GENDER Card!!!