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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Why Is Hillary Avoiding Both the Public and the Press?

Tomorrow, Hillary Clinton is going to announce her presidential bid.  What a surprise!  Okay, so it's not a surprise, but there are surprising aspects to the event.  Most of all, Hillary is announcing without there being any sort of event.  For at least the last hundred years, candidates have announced their runs for the president at some sort of public event.  There was a rally, a press conference, or something live.  Hillary is releasing a video on social media.  Now it's not unheard of to release a video AND to hold an event, but Hillary is just going with the video.  Why is this happening?  Why did Hillary make this choice?

The answer the campaign is pushing is that it shows just how up to the minute Hillary really is.  After all, releasing the tape on social media is just soooo modern, soooo now, etc.  Like most of the Clinton campaign spin, however, this is not the real reason.  The truth is that when there's just a video, no one can ask questions.  Hillary has not done well answering questions over the last year.  She doesn't want to start her campaign with questions.

So what are those pesky questions Hillary is avoiding?

1.  Why should you be president?

2  What would you do regarding the Iran negotiations?

3.  What would you do to grow the economy?

4.  What is your position on the Keystone Pipeline?

5.  What should be done to reduce income inequality?

6. What have been the major accomplishments of your life that indicate that you ought to be president?

There's lots more; these are just a few that seem obvious.  While these are simple questions, it is important to remember that Hillary has never answered any of them.  For years, she has traipsed around the country talking and talking but not avoiding substance.  It's funny that Hillary thinks that she can continue to avoid providing answers to these questions.  She can't if she wants to win.

By the way, note that none of these questions deal with things like Benghazi, the Clinton foundation taking cash from foreign governments and their agents, Hillary setting up an illegal email system, or Hillary destroying evidence when Congress subpoenaed it.  Hillary not only hides from this stuff, she also hides from the substance of everything else.  If this is an indication of how the rest of her campaign is likely to go, it is a very bad choice on her part.


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