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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Another Problem For the Clintons -- the Clinton Foundation to Refile Old Tax Returns to Correct Errors

Reuters is reporting that the Clinton Foundation is going to "refile" five years of tax returns to correct "errors".  The errors consist of failing to break out donations that came from foreign governments and failing to report the correct amount of such contributions.  The total amount of the "errors" comes to millions of dollars per year.  The foundation decided to file amended returns only after Reuters questioned the foundation about the specific points which are being changed.

So, before the Clinton fanatics tell us that this is just a distraction and that all the donations from foreign governments were disclosed, take not that this entire defense was just destroyed by the foundation itself.  Millions of dollars of foreign donations were not even disclosed to the government.  We also know that these donations were not disclosed on the foundation website contrary to what the Hillaryites contend.  Only this morning we learned of a multimillion dollar contribution from the owner of a uranium mine whose proposed sale to Russia had to be approved by Hillary and others.  The truth is that the donations were hidden, not disclosed.

The idea that the Clintons are amending their tax returns for FIVE YEARS to finally disclose these contributions sound much like the typical reaction from politicians who get caught taking "gifts" in exchange for help.  Senator Menendez (D-NJ) who was just indicted for corruption took, among other thing free plane trips and vacations to the Dominican Republic allegedly in exchange for helping his benefactor deal with a major dispute with the government.  When the news of the trips became public, Menendez realized that he had "overlooked" paying for the trips and sent about fifty thousand dollars to his benefactor.  These sorts of "corrections" after five years of "errors" seem more like an admission of guilt by the Clintons than any attempt to do the right thing.


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