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Thursday, April 23, 2015

There Seems To Be An Endless Supply of Shoes For Hillary

Every hour or so another shoe drops in the saga of the shenanigans of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.  After bombshells today from the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Reuters, this latest discovery comes from Fox News.  It is a story about the purchase of American company Uranium One by the Russian Government, a sale that had to be approved by a small committee on which Hillary served.  The approval came just about the same time that the Clinton Foundation got multi-million dollar donations from the owner of Uranium One and then Bill Clinton got a half million dollar speaking fee from the Russians.  That news came out earlier today.  The bit that Fox News is adding is the story of the meeting that the Russians and the company had with the Clintons at their home in New York just before the sale of the company was made.  Both the Clintons and the man who arranged the meeting denied that any such event had ever taken place.  Then the reporter told them that the head of the Russian agency that bought Uranium One had already spoken to the press to confirm the meeting where he also proudly showed the reporter the pictures of him shaking hands with Bill Clinton at the Clinton home during that meeting.  When it was clear that the Clintons had been caught in a lie, they admitted that, indeed, the meeting had taken place.

Must we really have a candidate for president -- or worse yet a president -- who will only tell the truth when confronted with undeniable evidence that their prior claims are a lie?  We have just seen what six plus years with a congenital liar as president does to the country.  This time we need an honest president.  You know, we need someone closer to Honest Abe than Liar Hillary.


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