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Thursday, April 23, 2015

It Seems the Clintons Cannot Help Themselves

With all the stories swirling about the Clinton Foundation and payments from foreign governments or companies with business before the State Department, the foundation made a big point the other day of announcing that it would only take future donations from six countries.  Supposedly, this was going to resolve the problem of the tens of millions of past payments of questionable propriety.

It is, of course, strange to think that if it is improper to take foreign money while Hillary is running for president (or being secretary of state), that this impropriety is cured if only certain foreigners can give money.  Nevertheless, this is the ploy that the Clinton Foundation announced.  Now we have learned that the Clinton Health Access Initiative is still taking cash from all foreign entities.  Clinton Health is a separate group that is run by the Clinton Foundation.  It is amazing to think that the Clintons actually thought that limiting foreign cash to the foundation would do but that there it would be fine for the Clinton Health group could still take money from anyone.

I can just picture the meeting between Hillary and the leader of Saudi Arabia in which the king offers millions and Hillary says, "Be sure to make that check out to the Clinton Health Access Initiative.  We don't take foreign cash at the Clinton Foundation anymore because the public found out about it."

I don't think that the Clintons can help themselves.  When it comes to getting money, the greed always triumphs no matter what.


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