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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What Does The Clinton Foundation Do?

The Clinton Foundation is at the center of a major scandal affecting Hillary Clinton.  The foundation got hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign governments, foreign agents, large corporations and extremely rich individuals all of whom had business with the State Department.  To the extent that they will even say anything about the matter, the Clintons say that the money the foundation received was all for charitable works.

But here's the real question:  exactly what has the Clinton Foundation done with the money it got?

1.  Does the foundation pay salaries to Bill, Hillary or Chelsea?  Did it do so in the past?  If the answer to this question is yes, then the cash from the foreign governments went straight into the Clinton's pockets.

2.  Does the foundation cover the expenses of Hillary, Bill or Chelsea in any way?  For example, when the foundation spent eight million dollars on travel expenses in one year, what portion of those expenses covered travel by the Clintons?  If the cash from the foundation is being used to pay the Clinton's expenses, then it is going into the Clintons' pockets again.

3.  Does the foundation employ any people who help out Bill or Hillary on a day to day basis?  For example, was Hillary's sidekick Houma ever on the foundation payroll?  If soe, that not only puts cash in the Clintons' pockets, it violates a whole slew of campaign finance laws.

4.  Did any of the foundation's cash make its way into Hillary's campaign coffers?  Here too, there would multiple legal violations if this happened.

5.  Does the foundation own any buildings or houses that the Clintons use?  Again, this would be putting the cash right into the Clintons' pockets.

6.  What sort of things does the foundation buy?  For example, if the Clinton Foundation sent bottled water to Haiti, was the purchase of that water at market prices?  It would be easy for the foundation to overpay for goods and services as a way of making a payoff to a vendor or as a way of using foundation cash for Clinton family purchases.

7.  What portion of the contributions to the foundation have been used for actual charity?  Is the Clinton Foundation like some shady private foundations really nothing more than a tax dodge where cash goes into the foundation, tax deductions are earned, but hardly any cash ever comes out to benefit the poor.  If the cash is still sitting in the foundation's coffers, then you can be sure that Bill and Hillary could start paying themselves big salaries right after her last campaign is over.  It's like banking the cash for the future.

The Clintons won't answer these questions.  The problem is that without answers to them, it certainly looks like the foundation is more of a scam to funnel cash to the Clintons than anything with a real charitable purpose.  They should give answers, especially if Hillary wants to be president.

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