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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Obama's Success Just Keep Getting Worse

Today in Yemen, al Qaeda forces took control of an airport and port/oil export facilities.  At the same time Shiite Houthi forces advanced further against the government forces in and around Aden.  The Saudi air force launched more bombing raids against the Houthis (but not against al Qaeda).  The entire country is in chaos.

Remember Yemen?  That's the country that president Obama told s six months ago was his big success in fighting terrorism.  Now, most of the country is controlled by one terror group or another.  Millions are homeless refugees.  Tens of thousands are dead.  There is no longer a functioning national government. The strategic points of Yemen which control access to the Suez Canal are held by terrorists.  In short, the place is a complete disaster.

Any more successes, Mr. President?


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