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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Guess What -- Words Don't Matter That Much

For the last twenty years at least, we have heard the constant refrain that "words matter".  This slogan has become a world view for many, particularly on the left.  All sorts of things can happen, but what really matters is what gets said about events.  It's a pervasive and dangerous point of view.  Originally, it was designed to prevent people from suffering needless insults and injuries.  Indeed, the slogan is either the basis for or the direct result of political correctness.  Lately, however, the slogan has replaced reality and it has even affected the way the government functions.  Look at these examples:

1.  President Obama told the country 22 times that he did not have the power to make changes to the immigration laws.  Then he changed his mind and announced that he did have that power.  All across America those on the left dutifully fell in line with the new statement even though it is demonstrably wrong.

2.  A pizzeria owner in Indiana gets asked if she would consider catering a gay wedding.  No one had asked her to do so, but the reporter asked a hypothetical.  When the owner said she would not want to do so, she and the employees received death threats, threats of destruction of the pizzeria, and all manner of abuse.  A few random words would not give anyone the right to do this.  Indeed, even if the owner had actually refused a request to cater a gay wedding (like that request would ever be made), there would be no excuse for the barrage of hatred and assault that was unfolded by the left.

3.  President Obama told us over and over that sanctions against Iran would be lifted only once the Iranians complied with the obligations to end their nuclear program.  Now, he changes the words and that changes everything.

4.  President Obama said that America would degrade and destroy ISIS.  Of course, we are doing next to nothing on that front.  We keep launching airstrikes in Iraq and occasionally in Syria.  We learned this week, however, that over three quarters of those air strikes do not involve dropping bombs.  The total number of actual strikes launched by the USA since the summer of 2014 when this "campaign" began is less than the number flown during the first three days of the Iraq War a decade earlier.  Meanwhile, ISIS advances inside Iraq.

5.  With regard to Syria, Obama told us that it was a red line for the USA if the Assad forces used their chemical weapons.  When Assad did use chemical weapons, Obama just ignored it.  Only after the 15th chemical attack in three months, when the victims managed to get video to the media, did Obama have to respond.  Until then, he was prepared to let his words be enough.  Even then, Obama didn't act; instead, he bought the phony Russian "agreement" that got rid of Assad's chemical weapons.  Except that agreement did not such thing.  Assad's forces are back to using chemical weapons; there have now been at least 20 attacks launched with the chlorine gas that was so commonly used in gas attacks during World War I.  Obama won't even comment on them.  People may die, even thousands of people may die, but it's what gets said that matters most.

6.  Obama told the world that the USA would not tolerate a Russian invasion of the Ukraine.  Now that the invasion has come, Obama won't do anything to help the Ukrainians.  After all, he already said he opposed the invasion, what more do those pesky Ukrainians want.  Just because their country is being destroyed and overrun, they should accept Obama's statement and be happy.

7.  Obamacare is another great example of the power of words over reality.  Here, Obama spit out so many statements about the consequences of that law that we all know many of the lies by heart.  But he said all these things, and, for him, that is enough.  The reality does not matter.

8.  Obama also tells us that the border is secure.  No need to take action now; he told us everything is fine.

For a long time, the rest of the world did not realize that Obama only cared about what is said rather than what actually happens.  His slogan went from "Hope and Change" to "Reality is Overrated".  The world knows the truth now, however.  As a result, America faces challenges in the next two years of a sort that would never have happened with any other president--even Joe Biden.  We have a leader who is delusional.  He has internalized that only words matter.  Heaven help us.


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