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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Now It's Her Grandparents?

I don't know about anyone else, but I know my grandparents history.  My maternal grandmother passed away before I was born and my maternal grandfather died when I was five years old, but I know their histories.  For my paternal grandparents, I know much more detail, so I know their histories too.  That's why I think it is a big deal that Hillary Clinton has been telling voters that all her grandparents were immigrants when actually only one of the four was.  That revelation came out in the last 24 hours when Buzzfeed (that's right, Buzzfeed) uncovered the lies from Clinton about her grandparents.

Look, it doesn't change anything about Hillary's policies when we find out that she has been inventing phony tales about her family.  It does, however, tell us more about this woman who would be president.  The truth is that she is the consummate phony.  Nothing is as it seems.  She holds question and answer sessions with random voters which later turn out to be preplanned with questions and answers written in advance.  She tells us she was flat broke during a year when she and her husband earned well over twenty million dollars.  She tells us about her immigrant grandparents which is just another lie.

Hillary has been focusing her campaign on showing her authenticity.  Meanwhile, she probably has a better chance of convincing people she is actually an alien from Mars than that she is authentic.

This has to be the worst start ever to a major presidential campaign.


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