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Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Silliness of Malthusian Visions

The New York Times has a lengthy piece today about how California may have run up against the limits of development because there is (gasp) a drought and water shortages could end growth.  This is roughly the twentieth time I can recall those on the left telling us about the limits of development and growth.  This one is even humorous because the solution is so simple.  California could build desalinization plants to use sea water.  That is not some science fiction sort of answer.  There are plants of this sort in use all across the Middle East and elsewhere around the globe.

It's worth noting that just three years ago, people like president Obama were telling us how we simply could not drill in the USA to the point where oil prices would come back down.  According to the Obama lie of the day back then, America had only 2% of the world's oil reserves and that would just not suffice.  Of course, the truth is that counting non-conventional sources like shale oil, America has enormous reserves and may have more oil than any other country.  All that it took was an advance in drilling technology for our oil production to rise to the point where prices are down, way down.

And do you remember all those warnings from the left about the imminent food shortages worldwide?  By the year 2000, people would be starving to death in increasing numbers -- at least that was what we were told in the 1970s and 1980s.  Development and population growth had to stop.  Of course, today there is more food per capita produced on Earth than there was back when the warnings were being issued.  Indeed, there has been great progress in reducing hunger.

Then, of course, there is the threat of global warming which requires that all industrial growth end.  How many times did hucksters like Al Gore tell us that?  So what happens?  The computer models on which they based their claims all get disproven by actual temperature readings over a twenty year period, but they don't even blink.  They just keep the story going but change the details.  Well remember this:  right now carbon dioxide levels are at extremely low levels for Earth.  Carbon dioxide levels used to be ten times higher than they are today.  A thousand years ago -- when carbon dioxide levels were lower than now, Earth was much warmer.  There seems to be no real link between carbon dioxide and global climate no matter what the climate hysterics say.

Somehow, though, none of these things ever stop the left and the media from predicting disaster and then telling us all that only greatly increased government control can be the solution. 


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