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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Let's end Political Correctness

The mess that evolved quickly this past week with that pizzeria in a small Indiana town is perhaps the best indicator that the conformity police think that they have triumphed in America.  Think about it.  Here's what you have in play: 

1.  The majority of Americans believe that people have and should have freedom of speech.

2.  A woman at a pizzeria says to a local TV reporter that she would feel uncomfortable catering a hypothetical gay wedding.

3.  Within hours, the thugs of political correctness force the closing of the pizzeria through threats of terrorism. 

For those of you who object to the claim that "threats of terrorism" were used, remember that the owners of the pizzeria received multiple death threats and the pizzeria itself was threatened with bombing and other forms of destruction, all across social media and direct contact as well.

The truth is that this incident sounds more like tactics used in the Islamic State than in America.  Okay, in the Islamic State, they would actually have beheaded the owners of the pizzeria for a transgression rather than just threatening their lives and livelihood.  The basic principle at work is still the same:  Agree with us or you will be destroyed.

This creeping destruction of free speech has been going on for years.  First, names were changed.  Negroes became blacks who became African-Americans.  Indians became Native Americans.  Then more and more words were put off limits.  At the moment, in the center of the politically correct world, it is unacceptable to use any word that might discomfort your listener.  A speaker on a college campus cannot talk about views that disagree with liberal thought without being shouted down.  The shouters claim they are speaking truth to power, but the reality is that they are using mob power to stop any disagreement with their views. 

Since president Obama took office, the mob of political correctness enforcers has moved on to bigger things.  Now, they are into the destruction of opponents through the misuse of the elements of political correctness.  Think of all the charges of bigotry or intolerance that you hear each day leveled at opponents of liberals.  It has become the all purpose response.  Just this morning, I received a tweet from someone who commented on a Twitter discussion of the Iran framework announced the other day.  The issues being discussed were whether or not Iran would end up with a nuclear bomb under the proposed deal.  With nothing to say on the issue, the twitter comment was that "it is better than the Republican bigots".  You see, in the mind of many on the left, all they have to do to prevail is to level a charge of bigotry.  Political correctness (enforced by the PC mob) then takes over.

The truth is that no one should be able to limit or determine what we get to say.  That is a principle that everyone should accept.  It's time for the end of political correctness.  Let free speech actually reign.


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