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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Chipotle and Van Test

So Hillary drove to Iowa in a van and stopped to eat at Chipotle along the way.  She's just such an ordinary person.

The problem with Hillary's latest gimmick to try to change reality is that it smacks of her claims that she and Bill were "dead broke" when they left the White House.  Only Hillary could claim poverty at a point where she was a US senator earning $200,000 per year married to a man who had a multi-million dollar advance for his memoirs and who was earning a quarter of a million dollars per speech on his hectic speaking schedule.  She was making it up as she was going along, and she expected the American people to be so gullible that we would believe what she said.  So too is the effort to change her from an ultra rich woman who spends her time living in luxury and hobnobbing with the other super rich.  Does she really think that spending a day driving to Iowa rather than taking a plane will change anything?  Does she really think that eating in Chipotle makes a difference? 

Hillary ought to admit the truth of who she really is and present that truth in the best light.  Trying to hide from reality just will not work.  She doesn't even know how to do it well.  Imagine, Hillary tries to show what a down to earth person she is, so she eats at Chipotle, but she doesn't talk to anyone in the restaurant.  What sort of politician who likes people would go campaigning in a restaurant but avoid interactions with the common folk?

It's really early.  Things can certainly change.  Nevertheless, unless Hillary gets a personality transplant soon, her campaign is going to continue to sink.


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