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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Media Cverage or Propaanda?

It appear likely that the Senate is going to vote on the human trafficking bill this week and then vote on the nomination of Loretta Lynch to be Attorney General.  It seems that the Democrats have decided that the will no longer block a vote on the trafficking bill.  Long ago, the Senate GOP said that Lynch's vote would follow the one on trafficking.  The Dems have opposed the trafficking bill supposedly because of language in it that follows the usual requirements in federal spending bills concerning abortion.  It seems that they are giving up on this fight.

So, what happened here?  The truth is that the Democrats are backing down in their fight over abortion language and accepting the same result that has been the norm for 30 years in federal spending bills.  The media, however, is announcing that the GOP is caving to the pressure to get a vote on Lynch.  That story is completely false, but it is appearing in a series of mainstream outlets. 

It's not a big deal as stories go, but it is worth noting because once again the mainstream media chooses the lie to benefit the Democrats over the truth.


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