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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

If A Campaign Falls in the Forest...

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has a new proposal about Social Security; he wants benefits to be means tested.  That's right, if you pay into the Social Security system for your whole life but also save other money for retirement, Christie does not want you to get benefits if you have saved too much.  It is just about the stupidest idea put forward about Social Security in ages.

Christie is supposedly going to run for president.  The reality, however, is that this latest proposal by the governor kills off any chance that he had left.  Most American voters understand that once means testing is used for Social Security, then future moves by the Democrats will increase payments for those who paid in next to nothing while further decreasing payments to those who funded the system.  Social Security will go from the retirement system for the overwhelming bulk of America to becoming just another welfare/income redistribution system.  Elderly folks in the middle income group will soon see their retirement income cut down to next to nothing.  If this suggestion came from Bernie Sanders or some other left wing Democrat, I could understand it.  This is coming from a man who claims to be conservative, however.  Taking the nation's most successful government program and turning it into glorified welfare, however, will kill that program.

So if a campaign for president falls in the forest and no one is paying attention, does that count as a collapse even if the candidate weighs so much that he makes a big thud when he falls?


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