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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Consider this For A Moment

Today in Panama, Cuban leader Raul Castro told those assembled that president Obama has no responsibility for the American embargo against Cuba.  No, according to Castro, that responsibility falls on the ten (TEN!!!) presidents before Obama who had the embargo in place.  Now let's forget the idiocy of telling Obama that he had no responsibility for a policy that he kept in place for six years until after the last election he would have to face (the 2014 midterms).  Consider instead that Obama reversed a policy that was put in place to limit the reach of the regime in Havana that was fomenting rebellion, terrorism and all manner of trouble across South America and the world.  That policy worked.  Cuba was isolated and reduced in strength.  But now Obama thinks that he knows better than all those prior presidents including four from his own party.

Just because something has been done in the past is no reason why it has to continue into the future.  Nevertheless, for a policy followed by ten prior administrations, one would think that the Obamacrats would have offered some realistic reason why they were changing it aside from their explanation of "we think this will work better".

Obama is using the current period to put in place as many of the aspirational policies of the far left as he can.  It's sad.  It is going to damage America in ways he does not even seem to understand.


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