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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What's the Difference Between Iraq and Iran?

We learned today that president Obama has been knowingly misleading the public for at least a year on the subject of how quickly Iran could complete a nuclear weapon.  For the last few years, Obama has told the nation that the Iranians were at least a year away from building a bomb.  Just over a year ago, when the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu said in a speech at the UN that Iran was two or three months from having a bomb, Obama and his people called the Israeli a liar or an alarmist.  Today we learned that the intelligence estimate for at least the last 18 months has been that Iran was 2-3 months away from a bomb if it went ahead to get one.  In other words, Netanyahu was correct; Obama knew that; and Obama lied to the nation and to Congress. 

This reminded me of what happened when the Iraq War started.  At that point, the intelligence estimates were that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.  That conclusion was reached not just by American intelligence, but by the intelligence agencies of nearly all of our allies.  The intelligence was shared with the Congress and the people.  It turned out to be incorrect.

In Obama's case, he hid the intelligence and lied to the people.  In Bush's case, he shared the intelligence and told what he thought was the truth to the people.  So when did the media become outraged?  Of course, it was when Bush told what he thought was the truth.  There has been no uproar as this latest lie by Obama has been uncovered.  The media for the most part has not even covered the story. 

I've tried to think of a reason for the different reactions other than bias in the media.  The best I can come up with is that there's a "q" in Iraq but only an "n" in Iran.  In other words, it's media bias for certain.


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