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Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Wise Move

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker spoke in New Hampshire at a GOP event that attracted other potential candidates as well.  He was well received, but it is not really that important since were are still ten months away from the New Hampshire primary.  What caught my eye, however, about Walker's appearance was this line in the media report:  "In what is becoming a very familiar theme, Governor Walker did not take questions from the media, but audience members were allowed to ask questions."

This is a very wise move by Walker.  The questions from the media would have fallen into one of three categories: 1) horse race questions about the state of his campaign or the campaign of some rival; 2) gotcha questions asking Walker about some minor point in the hope of embarrassing him; and 3) questions about issues facing the country.  When the media asks questions about 90% of them fall into category 1 or 2.  The questions from the audience members, however, are the reverse.  About 90% of them are about issues with which the people are concerned.  You know the difference.  The audience asks about plans for economic growth or confronting ISIS.  The media asks about which consultants Walker is planning to hire to run his efforts in New Hampshire.  By sticking with audience questions, Walker is getting his message to the actual voters.

It has been a while since we had a candidate who did not play the media's game.  Particularly since that game is mostly rigged to favor Democrats, it is a sign of good judgment on Walker's part that he is doing this.  I'm impressed.


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