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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Obama is just Sooooo Petty

Benjamin Netanyahu won re-election as prime minister of Israel yesterday.  Normally that would lead to perfunctory congratulations from the US government.  Good form and protocol call on the American president to congratulate the winner of a national election held by an American ally.  Amazingly, Obama has avoided issuing congratulations to Netanyahu.  Instead, the White House congratulated the Israeli people for having held an election.  It's just so petty.  Obama went all out to defeat Netanyahu and all that happened is that Netanyahu won a smashing victory with a much larger margin than last time.  Obama may be angry, but the idea that he would pout and carry out American policy based upon his own petty peeves is astounding.  Just imagine for a moment what the Democrats would say if a Republican president had avoided congratulating a new Israeli leader from the labor party.  It would have been a five day scandal, at a minimum.  Today in the media, however, it's just crickets.


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