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Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Fat Lady Is Singing

Poor Chris Christie.  He thinks he is running for president (even though he has not announced his candidacy), but he's already out of the running.  Normally, I am not one who would take such a view nearly a year before the first caucus/primary, but the signs are just too evident to ignore.  The latest comes from a poll of voters who could participate in the Connecticut Republican primary in 2016.  The leaders are Jeb Bush and Scott Walker.  Christie is in fourth place.  Connecticut ought to be fertile ground for a Christie candidacy.  As long as Chris Christie has been governor, he has been on the New York news programs that are watched by about a third of the people in Connecticut.  People here know Christie.  The fact that he is running far behind in fourth at this point is a clear indicator that the voters have not liked what they have seen.


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