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Monday, March 2, 2015

Hillary Clinton Violates Federal Records Law

The New York Times (of all places) is reporting tonight that Hillary Clinton used only private email accounts for her communication while she was secretary of state.  That practice is a violation of the federal law on the subject.  All communications are supposed to be retained by the government for future reference.  Instead, Mrs. Clinton kept her own records and is only now "reviewing" her emails to see which need to go to the government.  Put another way, Hillary hid her correspondence while secretary of state and is now trying to keep control of what is put in the official records.

This whole thing will play out over the next few weeks as more facts come out, but I have some initial reactions:

1.  Remember back a few years when Sarah Palin made use of a personal email account while she was governor of Alaska?  The media went into a frenzy and reported her having a personal email account as if it was a major crime.  Want to bet that we do not see that sort of attack on Hillary?

2.  When the state department ARB investigation of the Benghazi attack and its aftermath took place, none of the members of that board interviewed Mrs. Clinton.  We were told that the board members had access to all the state department records, however.  Of course, if all of Hillary's email was in her personal account rather than a state department account, the ARB members couldn't have seen much of anything.  Simply put, there is no way that the ARB could possibly have cleared Hillary without even seeing her communications.

3.  The idea that the secretary of state ought to use government email for communications is not something unusual.  Every member of the cabinet knows the rule.  Indeed, all government officials know the rule.  Only someone like Hillary who thinks she is above the law would avoid compliance.

This is just one more indication that Hillary Clinton is not ready to be president.


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