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Saturday, March 28, 2015

When Did the American Left Become So Bigoted?

Okay, so I know that Marxist ideology rejects religion.  It's the "opiate of the masses" in Commie-speak.  In the Soviet Union, going to church was a major no-no.  After all, if all power came from the people (as was supposedly the case in the USSR), there could not be a Supreme Being.  But that was not the belief in the USA.  Belief in God was something that was a characteristic of both the right and left in the American political spectrum.  That continued to be the case until just recently.  Now, religion is looked at by many on the left as bigotry.  Religion is the enemy.  Religion and those who believe in God are backwards, rednecks, bigots, and oppressors -- if you ask the left in America today.

I was struck once again by how far out there the left has gone when I saw the reaction to the passage in Indiana of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  I got an email with an attached video explaining that Indiana was now a "good place to be a bigot".  I also read that the NCAA was re-examining its policies with regard to locations of events because of the passage of this law; future college sports events may be kept out of Indiana.

It's amazing.  The Indiana version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act makes Indiana the 28th state to adopt this law.  Even more amazing is that the federal version of the law has been in place since the early 1990s when it was passed nearly unanimously by the then Democrat controlled Congress and signed into law by Bill Clinton.  All of these statutes say the same thing:  they require the states and the federal government to limit infringement on people religious practices; the rule is that government cannot limit religious freedom unless there is a compelling government interest and unless there is no way to achieve the desired result that would have less impact upon the religious practices.

For the left in America, though, protecting freedom of religion is now "bigotry".  Only the American left could want to impose limits on religion in the name of freedom.  The truth is that they have become anti-religious bigots.  They are the same as the rulers of European countries from which many of our ancestors fled so that they would be free to practice their religions.

Think about it.  The way the left sees it, Catholic theology that requires that priests be men is sexism and illegal discrimination.  The way the left sees it, a Jewish rite like circumcision is child abuse and must be stopped.  The left wants to impose its own views on the religions of others.

These statist/totalitarian views by the left reveal the moral bankruptcy of their position.  It's amazing to me that they have gone so far from the mainstream of the classical American point of view regarding liberty is such a short time.


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