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Friday, March 27, 2015

What's The Strategy?

Here's a question that nobody seems able to answer:  what is the policy of president Obama in the Middle East?  We know some individual bits and pieces.  Obama is punishing Israel for re-electing Benjamin Netanyahu.  Obama is doing whatever it takes to reach an agreement with Iran on its nuclear weapons program even if that agreement means that Iran gets nukes; the agreement, not a nuclear free Iran is the goal.  Obama is using the air force to attack ISIS in sporadic strikes that seem more designed for the appearance of doing something rather than actually destroying ISIS.  Obama is making Iran and the Shiite militias American allies in Iraq.  In Yemen, Obama is making the Sunni forces and the Saudis and Egyptians our allies in their fight against Iran and the Shiite militias.  In Syria, Obama is attacking ISIS on an occasional basis while ignoring the Assad regime which consists of Shiite forces and Iranian allies.  The Kurds who are strongly pro-American and are the only successful ground force against ISIS are promised weapons by Obama, but none are being delivered.  So how can one put these pieces together to form a strategy?

The only answer seems to be that Obama is playing for time.  He is just trying to run out the clock until he leaves office; after that it will be up to the next president.  No doubt as the disasters resulting from this lack of a coherent policy hit us, then former president Obama will loudly criticize the failures of the new administration.  After all, by then even Obama would be embarrassed to blame George Bush.

I cannot recall any time in my lifetime when America did not have a coherent foreign policy in such a significant part of the world.  I may not have agreed with all the prior presidents, but at least I knew what their strategies were. 

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