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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hillary Did Not Need This

In the language called Obamaspeak, a major scandal broke yesterday.  According to a report from the inspector general of Homeland Security, there were several instances of the department granting favorable treatment to highly connected political people in approvals of visas needed for certain investments in the USA.  The people who got the favors included Hillary Clinton's brother Tony, Virginia governor Democrat Terry McAuliffe, and Nevada senator (and then Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid.

This may sound complicated, but it is not.  There is a government program that let's visas get issued in connection with certain large investments into American projects.  If a foreign citizen wants to get a green card live in America, he or she need invest over $500,000 in a project which will create at least 10 jobs in a rural or impoverished area.  These projects have to be approved, however, by Homeland Security as meeting the criteria of the program.  What happened, according to the inspector general, is that certain projects were proposed and tentatively rejected by the government until these people with political connections got involved.  After their intervention, the decision on each project was reversed even though the facts had not changed.  For McAuliffe and Tony Rodham, these approvals meant large personal income.  For Reid, as far as we know, the approval meant only that a Nevada project (a casino in Las Vegas) got the go ahead.

The report criticizes the undersecretary of DHS for creating the appearance of impropriety.  That's Obamaspeak for the undersecretary improperly interfering with the decisions of the agency to grant favors to the politically connected.  It's not an "appearance" of impropriety; it's basically an improper and, if the allegations are true, an illegal act.

What is it about Hillary Clinton and her family and associates.  Here she has her brother and her close associate Terry McAuliffe using political connections to make money from the government actions.  That's corruption in normal language.  Hillary is so desperate for money that she thought she was dead broke at a time when her expected annual income was over $20,000,000.  Throwing these two bozos into the mix just makes the image of Hillary as a grasping money grubber that much stronger.

Note:  an earlier version of this post incorrectly identified Hillary's brother involved with allegedly getting improper political favors from DHS as Hugh Rodham.  The brother in question was actually Tony Rodham.  Hillary's brother Hugh is the one who was paid $200,000 for assistance in getting Bill Clinton to pardon a cocaine dealer on the last day of his presidency. 



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