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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Look At our New Partner For Peace

As president Obama moves the US closer to a deal with Iran which will allow the Iranian regime to gain nuclear weapons, it is worth taking a look at just who Iran is and how it acts.  We should start in Yemen.  At this moment, the government of Yemen is hanging by a thread under the attack of the Houthi movement and its allies.  The Houthis are Shiites in a nation with a Sunni majority.  According to the French news agency, the Houthis are backed by over 5000 troops under Iranian control (which also includes Hezbollah terrorists and Iraqi Shiite militias.)  Until two days ago, the Yemeni government forces were on their own, but now the Saudis have thrown in their air power and they (and Egypt) may introduce ground forces into the mix as well.  So Iran is mixing into the internal politics of a country about 500 miles from its borders, and it is doing so by sending armed forces to help overthrow the government.  These are hardly the acts of a peaceful nation.

Then there's Syria.  Iran has long been involved in the civil war in that country and was reportedly behind the decision to use chemical weapons on civilians.  In Syria, Iran and its proxies again have troops, but this time they are supporting the long time dictator in his fight to control the nearly 80% of the country that is Sunni.  With Iranian help, about a quarter of a million have been killed.

Then there's Lebanon and Iraq, two other countries where the Iranians are trying to take control.  there are Iranian forces in both countries.

So why are we trusting Iran to actually conform to the requirements of a new nuclear deal?  Hasn't Obama learned that nations that seek to dominate others do not carry out their responsibilities under international agreements?

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