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Thursday, March 5, 2015

The New Inquisition

As the days of the Age of Obama drag on, I keep wondering when our exalted leader will appoint a new Cabinet level position in the federal government called the "Defender of the Faith".  This person's duties will be to protect all aspects of liberal orthodoxy by any means necessary.  Right now, we already have the process in place; we are just missing the High Priest of Progressivism or whatever his or her title will be.

Think about it.  In the last week, we have witnessed a full scale scurrilous attack on the prime minister of Israel for daring to disagree with the view of our exalted leader that Iran is open to rational agreement to limit nuclear weapons and also to friendship with America.  You know, all those references to the Great Satan were actually said with love.  All those dead American soldiers and marines who were killed by or with the assistance of Iran were just cries for help from Iran; the mullahs just want jobs for their people.  Who knows, maybe the mullahs just want the US government to pay for birth control for the women of Iran.

In the last few weeks, we have also witnessed a serious attack on the honesty and integrity of scientists who do not toe the line on global warming orthodoxy.  There was no scientific response or even any disagreement with the data presented by these people.  No, the attacks against them were personal.  These scientists were made out to be dishonest shills for the oil industry and other polluters.

And how about the Supreme Court argument yesterday in the Obamacare case?  No one from the liberal/progressive attack squads wants to explain how the clear and unambiguous language of the statute means something other than what it says.  No, the goons from the attack squads only argue that the people who seek to have the statute enforced as written are evil.  You know, they want to take healthcare away from the poor.  They want to leave the sick and dying on the streets without attention.  No doubt, they must be racist, sexist and homophobic to boot.

This scorched earth response by the progressives to anyone who questions their views is a modern day Inquisition.  This time, the faith involved is not Christianity; it is liberalism.  No disagreement with the true faith can be allowed.  Those who stray must be destroyed as apostates.

At the National Prayer Breakfast, president Obama used the occasion to talk about the crusades and the Inquisition.  He meant the Inquisition undertaken by the Catholic Church half a millennium ago.  He did not have to go that far back, however.  We have the modern Inquisition.  We have the Progressive Inquisition.  We have the brain dead masses who follow Obama ready to take down anyone who disagrees with their views.  At this point, Obama ought to own up to this intolerance and appoint the Defender of the Faith.  No need to hide from reality.  The truth is apparent to all who choose not to hide from it.


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