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Monday, March 2, 2015

The Moron Speaks

The secretary of state of the United States of America is a moron.  Sadly, that point is beyond dispute.  We all dodged a bullet when Kerry lost his race for the White House in 2004.  Now, however, we have this idiot out there saying things that are beyond belief.  Last week he criticized the judgment of Bibi Netanyahu for having supported the Iraq War despite Kerry having voted for that war himself and having strongly supported it during the 2004 campaign.  This morning, he came out with another of his bon mots.  Speaking in Europe (he does love to be there, doesn't he), Kerry warned Netanyahu not to release any details of the proposed agreement with Iran when he speaks to Congress tomorrow.  Maybe Kerry has not yet learned how to read.  The media has been filled with all sorts of details of the proposed agreement.  These details have come, for the most part, from Kerry's own state department on "background".  The Iranians have also given out details.  We know that the current proposal is for Iran to agree to "limit" enrichment of uranium over the next ten years and then to have no limits on that process at all.  Iran also promises not to actually build a nuke.  In exchange for that promise, all sanctions will be lifted.  In other words, the USA completely folds.  We started by aiming to prevent any enrichment of uranium by Iran.  That is because enrichment is only needed if one wants to build a bomb.  Nearly a year ago, Obama softened the stand so that Iran would be able to enrich a "token" amount of uranium.  Now, Obama/Kerry are proposing to let Iran keep 6500 centrifuges operating, a number which would let Iran produce enough material for a nuclear weapon every 9 months or so.

I am not a participant in the talks with Iran, but I got all these details just from reading news articles whose sources are in the Obama administration.  But Kerry says that if Netanyahu mentions these details it will undermine the talks!  I guess I have to end as I began:

The secretary of state of the United States of America is a moron.


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