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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Senator Feinstein Should Know Better

When President Obama goes abroad and gives a speech, does he speak on behalf of all Americans?  Certainly!  He is the head of our government, and his words are spoken on our behalf.  Does that mean we all agree with what he says?  No, certainly not!  This is not a difficult idea to comprehend, but somehow senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) can't seem to get her brain around it.  Let me explain.

Israeli prime minister Netanyahu is coming to speak this week before Congress.  Prior to leaving Israel on his journey, Netanyahu said this:

“My responsibility is to worry not only about the State of Israel, but also the future of the Jewish people.  And for that reason, we are strongly opposed to the agreement being formulated between the world powers and Iran that could endanger Israel’s very existence.”

This morning senator Feinstein called that statement by Netanyahu "arrogant".  Most amazing is not her characterization of what Netanyahu said, but her reasoning (or lack of reasoning.)  Here is how DiFi put it:

"He doesn’t speak for me on this.  I think it’s a rather arrogant statement. I think the Jewish community is like any other community. There are different points of view. I think that arrogance does not befit, Israel, candidly."

So in the weird world view of Diane Feinstein, it's arrogant for the head of the world's only Jewish state to take a position on an issue of grave importance to that state unless all the world's Jews agree.  Has she lost her mind?  It certainly appears so.  Just imagine DiFi's response to Republican criticism of president Obama if the GOP said it was arrogant for Obama to take a public position on an issue on behalf of the USA unless all Americans agreed with him.

I guess neither logic nor consistency is DiFi's strong suit.  Maybe she's just showing her age.

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