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Sunday, March 15, 2015

So Did Valerie Really Leak the Story?

According to the NY Post, the story about Hillary Clinton's emails was leaked by none other than Valerie Jarrett.  In other words, the whole controversy is an attempt by the Obama White House to undermine Hillary (which has worked pretty well).  Supposedly, there are about five separate investigations underway at the State Department right now into Hillary's conduct as secretary of state.  The plan is to unveil the results of the investigations one by one if they show wrongdoing, as expected.  The motivation of the White House is said to be two fold:  first, Hillary and Bill Clinton helped Democrat candidates move away from Obama during the last election, a move that embarrassed and annoyed Obama.  The second reason is that Obama and his people worry that Hillary as president might undo the Obama legacy.  Given what that legacy actually is, this second reason is proof that some people are correct when they say that Obama does not really like the USA.

The story in the Post may or may not be correct.  The idea of Obama and the Clintons fighting once again is, however, intriguing. 


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