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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Do Republicans Hate Poor People?

Trending on Twitter now is a hashtag that reads:  "#GOPHatesPoorPeople".  It's an attempt by the Democrats to comment on the budget proposal put forward in committee in the House and Senate.  It's Twitter, so there's almost no detail.  After all, in 140 characters, one can make a charge, but there is no way to put forward any evidence to support that charge.  That's why we get moronic things like this hashtag.

But think about this for a moment.  President Obama has been in charge for more than six years now.  During that time we have seen the following:

1.  The numbers of Americans living in poverty keeps growing.
2.  The jobs of many low income Americans have been lost to illegal aliens, and the wages for the lowest jobs just do not rise.
3.  The median household income for Americans just keeps declining, and this is crushing the poor.
4.  Many poor people have been forced to give up medical care because the Obamacare policy deductibles are $5000 or higher and they just cannot pay.
5.  The Democrats get the lion's share of cash from Wall Street and billionaires like George Soros and Tom Steyer?  Why do the ultra rich give so much to the Democrats?  You can be sure it is not because the Democrats are helping the poor.
6.  Since the so called stimulus bill six years ago, president Obama has put forward no real plans to help grow the economy.
7.  The policies followed by Obama have done more to make the rich richer than those of any other president of the last 50 years.
8.  The economy has been limping along all during the Obama presidency.  After the big recession of 2008-2009, we should have seen a roaring recovery, but Obama's policies prevented that.

So with this record for Obama and the Democrats, how can there be a Twitter trend that claims Republicans hate poor people when it is the Democrats and Obama who have really been destroying the lives of the poor?  How indeed?  The answer sadly is that Obama and the Democrats think that if they say something, even a blatant lie, it becomes reality.  Think about Obama's speeches telling us that terrorism was defeated which ran for two years as ISIS and other built up its forces and then took over most of two countries.  Think of Obama's speeches telling us that there was no corruption at the IRS and no problem at the VA Hospital system.  Think of Obama's announcement that 2011 would be the "Summer of Recovery" followed by a period when the economy almost sank back into recession. 

The Obama administration has basically been a remake of the movie "Say Anything".  The claim that Republicans hate poor people has just been more of the same.


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