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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Lynch Mob

Washington is watching another of those Democrat/media outrage plays unfold.  The first act consisted of phony surprise and outrage that the bill designed to help stop human trafficking had the usual language in it barring the use of federal funds for most abortions.  Many of the Democrats who came forward to express this phony outrage are sponsors of the very bill they now denounce.  The language of the bill is not very long, and these same Democrats and their staffs have had copies of that language for months without comment.  Most important, the abortion funding language has been in a long list of appropriation measures over the last 40 years and has been passed by Democrats and Republicans each time.  Only now is this normal statement somehow "outrageous" and a "surprise".  As a result, the Democrats are filibustering the bill to stop human trafficking.  After all, for the Democrats it is not worth helping women who are being sold as sex slaves if there is a possible political point to make with their base that they support abortion on demand.

The Republican response has been a good one.  The senate is not going to consider the nomination of Loretta Lynch to be Attorney General until the human trafficking bill is considered and a vote is taken on it.  So now, the Democrats are preventing the installation of the first African American woman as Attorney General and preventing help for young women sold as sex slaves around the world to make their political point.  It is an untenable position, but it has brought on the expected second act of the Dem's political performance.  We are now being treated to the attacks on the Republicans.

Yesterday, the second ranking Democrat in the senate accused the Republicans of moving Loretta Lynch to "the back of the bus".  You know, the Republicans are racist, right?  But the lynch mob that is killing the Lynch nomination is comprised solely of Democrats who won't let a vote proceed on the human trafficking bill for no reason other than politics.  These tactics reveal that the Democrats don't care about sex slaves.  They don't care about getting the first African American woman in to head the Department of Justice.  They only care about satisfying the most strident portion of their base.


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