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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Now This Is A Partner For Peace

It's worth noting the latest news from Gaza.  The Hamas terrorists who rule in Gaza are blaming the Palestinian Authority for bombing various locations throughout the Gaza Strip.  The targets of the bombs have been members of the Hamas elite as well as some people who have been identified as major supporters of the Palestinian Authority.  Hamas says that the PA is placing the bombs to undermine Hamas and that the PA is bombing its own people to throw responsibility on others.  Meanwhile, the PA is blaming Hamas for some attacks and bombings carried out against PA members in the West Bank.

Two things are important with regard to this news.  The first is that essentially no one has heard about it.  Neither the US nor the world media is covering this story.  Now imagine what the coverage would be if Hamas were claiming that it was Israelis who were planting bombs in Gaza that were injuring civilians.  There would be marches across Europe and major media coverage about such an "outrage".  So long as it is one Palestinian killing another Palestinian, however, the world ignores it.

Second, keep in mind that Hamas and the PA are supposedly partners in the government of the Palestinian territories.  Indeed, this partnership is the one that president Obama and secretary Kerry constantly talk about as Israel's "partner for peace."  When the Israelis say that there is no such partner, Obama just scoffs at that statement.  I guess Obama wants Israel to seek a peace deal with this "partnership" that is in the middle of killing each other. 


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