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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Once Again Hillary

Earlier, I posted some of the points made by the New York Times in its coverage of Hillary's supposed explanation of her use of private emails rather than the legally required government system.  One thing that the Times did not get into was Hillary's laughable claim that she never discussed classified material in her emails.  Really?  She expects America to believe that?

Let's examine the claim by the woman the NY Post calls "Deleter of the Free World".

1.  We know that Mrs. Clinton and president Obama exchanged multiple email on this system.  Are we really to believe that multiple conversations between the president and the secretary of state touched on nothing that was classified?  The White House classifies things like lunch menus, but Hillary and her food friend Barack never got into classified conversation?  Was the entire correspondence about Obama's latest golf scores?  Were they just sending selfies to each other?

2.  We also know that Clinton sent all manner of email to her staff and others at the State Department.  Did she never discuss classified materials with them?  If so, how did she tell them what to do?

3.  Then there is the killer point:  even if Mrs. Clinton was very careful not to send email discussing classified materials -- which is clearly nonsense-- the people who sent email to her were all not so careful.  Anyone who forwarded information to the secretary of state would have assumed that the email system she was using was the secure government system.  They would have sent classified materials. 

It is hard to imagine that Mrs. Clinton would actually make this claim.  She really must take Americans for fools.  Of course, Mrs. Clinton did talk about the security of the server by telling us that the house where it was located was guarded by the secret service.  We all know that security for a computer has little if anything to do with people guarding the site where it is located.  Security for a computer server means that it has fire walls and other safeguards to keep hackers out of the system.  Hillary did not talk about that part of the issue.

The big problem for Hillary is that we already know that her emails were hacked.  The hacker group named Gucifer got AND RELEASED email between Hillary and Sidney Blumenthal which discussed the political situation in Libya and the reactions of various people to events in that country.  This kind of information in the State Department is ALWAYS classified but it was in Hillary's emails.  Further, we also know that these email were not produced by Hillary in the Benghazi inquiries.  Were these among the supposedly personal emails that she deleted?  If so, we have the smoking gun that proves she is once again telling lies.


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