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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Unfair to Amateurs

A week and a half ago, I posted about the background briefing given at the White House in which a detailed timetable and battle plan for the upcoming attack to retake the city of Mosul from ISIS was provided to the media.  It was mind blowing to think that the White House would alert ISIS to the details of the military plans for the attack.  Well now, all that has changed.

The White House has now told the media that the plans for the attack on Mosul have been delayed.  In fact, reporters have gotten confirmation from the Kurds that they had never signed on to that attack even though the Obama background spokesman had said that three brigades of Kurdish peshmerga fighters would attack the city from the north.  Indeed, the Kurds told the media that they had never even been consulted about the plan for an attack.

It was horrifying to think that the White House would put so many soldiers in danger by giving the enemy advance warning of the timing and details of the attack.  It is even worse to think that the White House is so clueless about these matters that it would put out a story of battle plans without even speaking to the forces that are supposed to carry out that attack.

I would call the Obamacrats in the White House "amateurs", but that would be unfair to amateurs everywhere.  The Obamacrats are really better described as clowns.

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