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Friday, March 6, 2015

What A Coincidence!

Over two years ago, news broke that senator Robert Menendez, Democrat of New Jersey, allegedly took "gifts" from a Florida doctor and major campaign contributor purportedly in exchange for helping that doctor with a dispute with government.  The gifts consisted of trips to the Dominican Republic on the doctor's private jet and vacations at the doctor's home in the Caribbean.  There were also allegations that Menendez engaged in sex with underage prostitutes at the doctor's home.  When the news stories surfaced, they were denounced by the Democrat leadership of the senate.  Senator Harry Reid denounced the stories as baseless.  Other Democrats said that these stories were attempts to smear Menendez orchestrated by the Republicans.  Menendez held on and, after a while, the stories went away.  Menendez continued in office. No action was taken against him.

Now two plus years have passed.  One big thing, however, has changed:  in the last few months, senator Menendez has strongly criticized president Obama's actions regarding (1) relations with Cuba and (2) the proposed agreement with Iran regarding development of nuclear weapons.   When other Democrats ran out in front of the cameras the other day to denounce Israeli prime minister Netanyahu for daring to talk about the problems with Obama's proposed agreement, Menendez came forward to denounce the deal.  Menendez actually said that nothing would keep him quiet on the subject.

Strangely, just a few days after Menendez made his statements about the Iran deal, word has "leaked" out that the Justice Department is about to bring criminal charges against senator Menendez for corruption involving the gifts he allegedly took from the Florida doctor for helping that man with his dispute with the government.  Somehow, the "Republican smear job" became the basis for a criminal indictment by the Obama Justice Department.

This tells us all a great deal about the state of "justice" in America.  Nothing new has surfaced regarding Menendez over the last two years.  The facts which were known two years ago remain all that is known now.  Nevertheless, for some reason, these facts which the Justice Department buried without bring an indictment against Menendez two years ago are somehow now so damning that the senator is about to be charged.  Is there anyone out there who thinks that these charges are unrelated to Menendez's opposition to Obama on Cuba and Iran?

It's sad.  Obama has the government playing fast and loose with bringing criminal charges against the senator.  This all seems to be related to Obama's plan to let Iran get nuclear weapons over time, a move which will surely prevent peace in the world.  It is as if Obama has taken literally the chant "no justice, no peace!"  He is working to destroy both.


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