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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Undeniable Bigotry and Hatred that Spews from MSNBC.

The constant refrain from the left is that Republicans are racist, bigoted and homophobic.  The truth is that the true home of bigotry in America is the left of the Democrat party.  That truth was on display today on MSNBC.  I realize that no one watches that network, but that does not stop them from putting bigotry on display on a regular fashion.

Today, one of the guests on an MSNBC show commented on senator Ted Cruz saying that he like country music.  Her comment was "Nothing says let's go kill some Moslem people like country music from Lynchburg."  The others on the show laughed at what they thought was a very amusing comment.

Get it?  Everyone who listens to country music just wants to kill Moslems and lynch people.

It's really time for MSNBC to get rid of its far left format.  There is no excuse for spreading bigotry and hatred on the air.


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