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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gene Therapy?

Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post is one of the media pundits who is most slavishly devoted to president Obama and his administration.  No matter what happens, Robinson always has a defense of Obama which seems to track very closely the White House talking points on the subject.  That's why Robinson's latest column, "Is Hillary Hiding Something?" is significant.  In that column Robinson comes down hard on Hillary Clinton and her "entitled" and "embattled" mind set that led her to set up her own email system.  Robinson points out the absurdity of Mrs. Clinton turning over some of her emails while expecting the world to take her word that the remainder are just personal correspondence.  There's more to the column, but this attack by Robinson on Clinton is highly significant.  It shows that Robinson's friends (more appropriately bosses) in the White House wants the focus of this fiasco clearly on Hillary and they don't care what damage that focus does to her campaign.

By the way, another day has dawned and all we have from Team Clinton is still rumors of a possible press conference by Hillary to address the issue.  It looks like the Clinton go to response of stonewalling is still in control.  Ah, the echoes of Richard Nixon keep reverberating.


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