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Friday, March 6, 2015

Taking the Nonsense Too Far

Here is the headline from a CNN report issued less than two hours ago:

"Driver hits Israeli border police, authorities call it terror attack"

If you read what CNN had to say, you would miss most of what happened.  From the headline, you would even doubt if this is something other than a traffic accident.  Here's what actually happened:

1.  There was a group of four Israeli female police who were waiting for a tram along with others at the stop.
2.  A Palestinian man drove his car off the street, across the barriers to the tram line, across the walk and hit the four women and one man at the stop.
3.  After hitting the crowd with his car, the driver jumped from the vehicle and shouted "Allahu Akhbar".  He then grabbed a large cleaver and started towards the victims who were on the ground.
4.  Other police in the area shot the driver to prevent him from hacking up the victims.

So, is that a "terror attack"?  Are you kidding?  Of course, it's a terror attack.  CNN can't bring itself to just call this another terror attack by an Islamic terrorist.  After all, that might offend the White House. 

The CNN report isn't even the worst one.  The French news agency AFP described the attack as one on "border guards" located at a base on the line that separates Israeli territory from what was Palestinian territory prior to 1967.  The French portray this as some sort of attack on a military/border outpost.  Of course, there is no border at the location of the attack.  No one could tell that the location used to be a border almost 50 years ago unless they had an old map with them.  There are no border installations there.  The "border guards" to whom AFP refers are a type of Israeli police who deal with certain types of matters; they are not military.  In other words, this was an attack by an Islamic terrorist on four women police who were just waiting for a tram.

For what it is worth, Hamas has already issued a statement praising the "brave" attack by the terrorist in the car on the four women waiting for the tram. 

I am not sure who annoys me more, the terrorists, the terror bosses at Hamas who glorify these acts, or the cowardly reporters/editors at the liberal mainstream media who are afraid to honestly report these terror acts by Islamic nut jobs.  It's a tough question.


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