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Monday, March 16, 2015

Chinese Take Out

Given the latest news, there may be a new form of Chinese take out in the USA.  Forget the chicken with cashews.  This time the take out may be Hillary Clinton's campaign being taken out of the running.  The media, yes the mainstream media, is reporting that a Chinese government official who also happens to be an extremely rich man donated many millions of dollars to the Clinton foundation in 2012.  That donation came at almost the same time that the Chinese company owned by the donor was seeking lobbying the State Department for a favorable decision on certain trade related rulings.  The State Department allegedly ruled in favor of the donor's company after the contribution to the Clinton Foundation. 

Now let's be clear:  there is no direct evidence that Hillary Clinton forced a decision in favor of this company after its owner gave millions to her foundation.  It may just be a strange coincidence.  Nevertheless, it looks just like a payoff.  Someone who would be president of the United States ought to at least be able to recognize the requirements of propriety.  It is not enough to say I did nothing wrong.  One also has to be able to say "I did not intentionally put myself in positions where I look like a criminal."

Oh, and let's not forget another important matter.  Any email that Mrs. Clinton may have had with the donor has most likely been deleted as personal.  And Hillary is the one who decided on that too.


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