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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Even The Times Is Unsatisfied

The New York Times broke the story about Hillary Clinton's secret email server and her use of personal email despite laws and regulations requiring her to use the government system while she was secretary of state.  The Times, however, is the heart of the liberal media complex that supports Democrats as a reflex action no matter what happens.  That is why it is so interesting to see how the Times reported Hillary's "press conference" yesterday where she answered (and evaded) questions regarding that email controversy.  Here's the key portion of the Times account:

Mrs. Clinton’s explanation that it was more convenient to carry only one device seemed at odds with her remark last month, at a technology conference in Silicon Valley, that she uses multiple devices, including two kinds of iPads, an iPhone and a BlackBerry. She said then: “I don’t throw anything away. I’m like two steps short of a hoarder.”
At one point on Tuesday, Mrs. Clinton said the emails she had deleted contained “personal communications from my husband and me.” But on Sunday, a spokesman for Mr. Clinton told reporters that the former president had “sent two emails in his life.”
In 2007, Mrs. Clinton, then a senator from New York and candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, accused the George W. Bush administration of using “secret White House email accounts” along with secret wiretaps and military tribunals.
“You know, our Constitution is being shredded,” she said at the time.
This is hardly the kind of "support" Hillary must have expected from the Times.  In Times-speak, this is calling Hillary a blatant liar.

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