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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hillary -- The View From Inside the Bunker

Do you remember Dee Dee Myers?   She was the first White House spokesman during the Clinton Administration.  She is married to a political writer named Todd Purdum.  Today, Purdum published a column in Politico announcing that Hillary Clinton has many similarities to Richard Nixon.  Purdum goes so far as to say that Mrs. Clinton is now hard at work on producing the "new Hillary" just as Nixon periodically reinvented himself into the "new Nixon".  Purdum concludes, however, that just as Nixon stayed the same despite the reinventions, Hillary will also continue to be a secretive, paranoid, and controlling person who collects grudges as she goes through life.

If this article had appeared on one of the many conservative sites that I read, it would be much less significant.  The importance of the column is greatly enhanced by the identity of the author.  Purdum's wife had years of watching the real Hillary in action.  More so than most, Dee Dee Myers has seen something other than the phony façade that politicians put on for the public.  No doubt, she has told her husband all about it.

While we are talking about the "real" Hillary, it's worth noting that Saturday Night Live started the show last night with a parody of Hillary discussing her current difficulties with email.  The SNL writers did not mention Richard Nixon, but the portrayal of Hillary in the skit reminded me of Nixon a great deal.  Hillary was portrayed as a phony who is driven by an unending desire to be president.

Then there's Maureen Dowd in the New York Times.  MoDo has not been much of an admirer of the Clintons for a long time.  Even so, her latest column slams Hillary in language that one would normally expect to be aimed as something like ebola or maybe at ISIS beheading a journalist.


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