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Friday, March 13, 2015

The Purpose of Television

I just finished watching the Fox News special report on ISIS.  Right now, many people are well informed about these terrorists, but the special report challenges that view.  Bret Baier focuses attention on the plight of the Yazidi people in Iraq.  It is one thing to read about ISIS killing Yazidis.  It is something else to actually see the end result of the slaughter and to hear the stories of people whose lives were shattered when ISIS decided to go on its rampage.  If you read that 20,000 or 30,000 Yazidis were murdered and a like number of Yazidi women were sold as sex slaves by ISIS, it is terrible.  When you hear from the survivors and the families of the abducted women, however, it makes the situation much more troubling.  It is no longer statistics; it is people.  The problem is no longer far away group; it is a group which is the essence of evil engaged in genocide in the name of religion.

This report is going to be repeated over the weekend by FNC.  I strongly suggest that you watch it or record it and watch it when you have time. 


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