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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Blind Prophets

I just finished reading about ten analysis articles in the mainstream media that somberly announced that the victory by Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud party in Israel yesterday will lead to a break with the USA, a move by the Obama administration in the UN to pressure Israel, looming wars that will hit the Israelis and all other sorts of disasters for the Jewish state.  The funny thing is that these same pundits all told us two days ago that Netanyahu was about to get thrown out of office by the Israelis who did not accept his view that Iran was a threat to Israel or that because of the rise of Islamist terrorist states like ISIS or the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip, it made no sense to allow the establishment of a Palestinian state that would fall prey to those forces.  They were all wrong.  In terms that pertain better to the area, these pundits were prophets who could not see the future.

The real truth is that president Obama and the American left is throwing a hissy fit that Obama was unable to force a Netanyahu defeat.  In fact, most Israeli observers say that one of the biggest advantages for Netanyahu was that Obama so clearly tried to oust him.  The overwhelming majority of Israelis do not trust Obama.  They have been on the receiving end of Obama's insults and actions that harmed Israeli security for years.  They have had to listen to Obama tell lies about the situation involving Israel and the Palestinians.  They know that Obama favors the Palestinians.  But Obama is president of the United States, so the Israeli government had to act diplomatically.  Even a few weeks ago when Netanyahu addressed Congress, he began with a litany of thanks to Obama for all he has done for Israel.  (Of course, Netanyahu then used logic and facts to completely demolish Obama's idiotic policy towards an Iranian nuclear weapons program.)  The current hissy fit by Obama and friends just confirms to the Israelis that they were right. 

I do not know what the future will bring in the Middle East.  I do know, however, one thing for certain:  these blind prophets don't know either.


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