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Monday, March 16, 2015

Moving Ever Closer to Iran

The news over the weekend that the USA is prepared to negotiate with Bashir al Assad of Syria is being discussed mostly in the context of president Obama's past pronouncements that "Assad must go."  That's fair, because after declaring Assad a pariah who must be removed, a president would not normally then sit down with him to discuss regional peace.  In many ways, those very discussions will be an admission by Obama of defeat.  The truth, however, is that this analysis is actually secondary to what is really happening:  Obama is moving ahead with his goal of forming an alliance of sorts with Iran.  Remember, Syria has long been the one Arab country that was an outpost for Iran.  Assad has been close with the Iranians for years.  Were it not for Iran, Assad would already have been ousted from Damascus.  And the Syrian connection is of critical importance to the Iranians.  It allows them to resupply their terrorists in Hezbollah over land.  It provides them cover in any confrontations with other Arab states.  It allows them to flank Iraq (which is a much bigger target than Syria.)  But Iran's attachment to Syria runs directly through Assad.  If Assad falls, Iran's place in Damascus will fall too.  When Obama says he will negotiate with Assad, that translate into a message to the mullahs in Teheran that he is moving to their side.

Much of what has happened in the recent months in the Middle East makes clear that Obama has a strategy of building up Iran.  Obama has practically given away the store on the nuclear arms front.  Negotiations to deny Iran the bomb have moved instead into a proposed agreement to pave the way for the Iranian bomb (while still trying to disguise that result.)  Iranian forces are openly on the ground in Iraq; Obama is assisting with air power as these forces fight ISIS.  The problem, of course, is that once ISIS is destroyed, Iran will have major control within Iraq.  When the Houthi terrorist rebels in Yemen took the capital of Sana and forced out the government, Obama just ignored the situation.  The Houthis are Iranian surrogates and they are now in charge even though they do not represent a majority of the people of Yemen.  Another Arab country falls to Iran.

Obama's policy towards Iran is not just short sighted; it is delusional.  Iran has not changed.  America remains the "great Satan" to the mullahs.  Obama's policy of building up this implacable enemy of the USA has not positive outcomes unless one deludes himself into believing that Iran's hatred of the USA is based upon some grievance and that helping Iran now will alleviate any problems stemming from that grievance.  That sort of thinking pervades Obama's approach to all problems; nearly everything that is wrong in the world is, Obama believes, due to past transgressions by the USA.  This sort of nonsensical ideology, however, is wrong.  Iran is not looking for compensation for any past grievance; Iran is looking to restore a Persian centered Islamic empire.  Assisting the mullahs in that effort will only make it that much harder to undo once reality is recognized.


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