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Friday, March 27, 2015

When the French Are the Ones with the most Intestinal Fortitude......

President Obama's desperate push for an agreement with Iran has gotten to the point where even the French are concerned that too many concessions are being made to Teheran.  That's right, the French think Obama is being too weak.  That's like the Cubs thinking a major league team loses too often.  It's proves that Obama is a joke at best.

Despite the upset of the French, Obama is still planning on signing the deal on Sunday (as of the latest reports).  The one problem standing in the way right now is that the Iranians are demanding that Washington stop the Saudis from bombing the Houthi Shiite rebels in Yemen as a condition to the signing.  That's right again.  Iran want America to stop the Saudis from giving air support to the government of Yemen which is supposedly our ally; Iran wants Obama to help overthrow that government.  Given the delusional state of Obama, we may soon see American fighter planes shooting down the Saudi jets as they attack the Houthis.

The proposed deal with Iran is not just bad, it's despicable.


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