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Sunday, March 1, 2015

The WaPo Tries to "Prepare the Ground"

There is a lengthy discussion in today's Washington Post of the likely effect of the King v. Burwell case on the Supreme Court's claim to be non-partisan.  Not surprisingly, the WaPo reports that should the Supreme Court rule that the Obamacare statute must be interpreted in line with its clear language, the Court would be partisan, and if the Supreme Court rules that the language does not matter it would be non-partisan.  Maybe a clearer way to say that is this:  According to the WaPo, if the Supreme Court rules for the Obama/Democrat position, it is non-partisan, but if it rules for the Republican position, it is partisan. 

This article is just an attempt by another leading member of the mainstream media to stack the deck in favor of the Obama position.  All of the justices live in DC, so the WaPo is their local paper.  Most likely, they all read it.  Since they all would like to be considered non-partisan, the justices cannot help but be affected, even if slightly, by inanities like this WaPo article.

I don't think it is going to help.  The language of the statute is extremely clear.  I cannot believe that the justices will decide that words do not matter.  It is not a partisan issue.  It is a straight forward issue of statutory interpretation.  The rules for that are clear.  To change the language of the statute will require action by Congress.  Neither the president nor the IRS have the power to alter that.


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